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“Adventure can be an end in itself. Self-discovery is the secret ingredient.” -Grace Lichtenstein

Visiting a foreign country allows us to explore a new place and its culture. A great way to do so is through guided tours, museums and monuments. But there is more!  

You can immerse yourself in a world of different cultures, landscapes, and lifestyles. The true magic of travel lies in the new experiences it holds. These experiences will be key to understanding the world, broadening your horizons, and transforming your perspective. With the expertise of Spain Private Guides, we will create experiences that provide a window into the lives of people who call Spain their home!


Please, consider that all our experiences are subject to availability, some are seasonal and some are regional. Nonetheless, we can always work with you to organize tailor-made experiences!


Spain stands as an unrivalled gourmet destination, captivating food enthusiasts with its irresistible culinary allure. At the heart of this gastronomic haven is the country’s commitment to preserving centuries-old traditions while embracing avant-garde innovation. Here are our favourite gourmet experiences, available in Madrid, Barcelona, Girona and Sevilla.

* Master cooking class and a local food market shopping experience.

* Pampered by the chef’s delights: let yourself be treated to the delicious food that our chef will prepare for you at your accommodation.

* The Tapas experience with a personal chef (Only in Madrid and Barcelona).


Spain has long been a top wine destination, captivating enthusiasts with its diverse viticulture. The country boasts an extensive array of wine regions, each producing unique varietals. The vineyards are often nestled in picturesque landscapes, adding a scenic charm to the wine-tasting experience. With a rich history deeply intertwined with winemaking traditions, Spain combines ancient practices with modern techniques, offering a tapestry of flavours that reflect the nation’s passion for oenology. From traditional bodegas to contemporary wineries, Spain’s wine culture invites the traveller to explore its vine-covered hills and savour the legacy in every glass.

La Rioja, Jerez dela Frontera, Catalunya  and other wine destinations, offer distinct and enchanting wine experiences, showcasing Spain ‘s diverse viniculture landscape. 

sweet experience

Indulging in Spain’s sweet offerings is an experience not to be missed! From the iconic churros dipped in rich chocolate to the delicate and delicious pastries and the infamous crema Catalana, each one being a delight to the taste buds.

Our very own sweet experience takes place in the city of Girona, not far from Barcelona, where the Roca brothers have put the city in the highest gastronomical ladders. But it is the youngest of the three that has brought the sweetness to town. 

Girona can easily be reached by the high-speed train; a great gastronomical experience combined with a historical tour of this charming medieval town. 

Additionally, if you want  to enter the delirious world of Salvador Dalí, we can organise a day excursion to Figures, just north of Girona, to include the Theatre-Museum Dalí tour.

Artisanal production

Experience exceptional local production! Spain is celebrated for its commitment to artisanal craftsmanship and regional diversity. Known for the best olive oil worldwide, the finest cured Iberian ham and an array of artisan cheeses, Spain’s diverse landscapes yield a bounty of high-quality, locally sourced products. 

The country’s dedication to traditional methods ensures authenticity in its culinary offerings. This commitment to local production not only sustains traditional practices but also ensures a gastronomic journey that reflects the unique flavours of each region.

*Visit Úbeda, to experience the production of olive oil.

*La Rioja to experience La Vendimia (grape harvest).

*Experience the intricate production of Jamón Ibéricio (Iberian ham) in Huelva.

 Art experience

The most exclusive and unique art experience, only available in Barcelona

Visit three archives and galleries specializing in famous Catalan satirical cartoonists and illustrators.  The guide, also a professional cartoonist, can offer  detailed privileged insider knowledge throughout the tour. Predominantly from the Modernist period, the tour also includes one private showing of original illustrations and prints dating back to the Middle Ages, also available for private sale.

Finish the day with a private visit to an artist’s studio and meet a renowned cartoonist to discuss their work and see them draw in situ.

Family experiences 

When traveling with children, it’s important to seek special experiences that create unforgettable family moments. Spain, with its diverse offerings, excels in catering to the unique needs and interests of young travellers. From exploring museums and monuments in an engaging and interactive way, to participating in hands-on workshops, or enjoying local cuisines with child-friendly twists, Spain transforms a family vacation into an enriching and joyous journey. 

*The Wine experience for the whole family: tasting for the grownups and water painting with wine for the youngsters (only Catalunya).

*Gymkana at the Retiro Park, Prado Museum and Reina Sofia Museum (only Madrid).


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