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cancellation policy

Something that everyone learned this pandemic times is that no matter how well organised you are. There is always the chance something annoying may get in the way of your travel plans. We absolutely understand this. Therefore, we offer very generous cancellation terms.


Cancellation policy for tours

  • Up to 2 weeks notice there are no cancellation fees involved.
  • Less than 2 weeks, but more than 1-week notice. In that case, we ask for a minimum cancellation fee per tour. In order to compensate the guide for having booked the day (as he/she will have turned away other clients in order to keep the day for you). Minimum fee per tour: 145€.
  • If the cancellation is between 1 week and 72 hours prior to the tour, the cancellation fee will be 75% of the total amount.
  • If the cancellation is done 72 hours before the tour, we will have to charge you 100% of the total amount.


Cancellation policy for extra services

If extra services were involved to organize your tour, for example, entrances or concert tickets, we are subject to the cancellation terms of each venue booked.  Please note: Most venues do not accept cancellation and therefore do not offer refunds. Only in cases where the venue needs to cancel the event would you get a full refund. 



We highly recommend always buy travel insurance. This type of insurance is usually very cheap, but very useful in case something goes wrong. In the event that you will have to cancel your trip, most cancellation fees are also covered by these insurances.

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