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Find your FAQ’s about Spain Private Guides answered here. Please, contact us for further information!

What does it cost?

Because all our tours are different, all our prices vary as well, depending upon where and what is required. It’s best to send us an email with your requested date, the size of your group and any special requests, and then we can get back to you with a detailed quote.

The cost of the tours displayed are a basic price for 2 to 4 people and includes guiding services. It doesn’t include extra services like entrances, tickets or transportation.

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How do I book?

Send us an email with your details, we’ll go over your request with you to craft something fabulous that fits your needs, then we’ll send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know.

Contact us!

Where do the tours start?

Your guide will meet you at your hotel or apartment to start. An airport, harbour, train station or entrance to a monument could also be a starting place if you request. Occasionally, if we think it would help maximize your experience, we would suggest meeting at a landmark location somewhere central. In any case directions would be provided and the guide would have a clear sign with your name on it if needed.

Can I combine two or more themes/itineraries?

Indeed you can! All the suggestions listed on our tours page are exactly that – suggestions!  One of the best items you get when booking with Spain Private Guides is the customised experience to fit your exclusive and unique interests. Just let us know your preferences and your timeframe and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

Do you offer small group tours?

No, we don’t.  All our tours are individually created and delivered just for you.

Can I choose my guide? Will you personally be our guide?

Spain is a big country and of course every area has its specialists. We have chosen from the best guides in every region, guides specialized in private personal experiences. You will always know who your guide will be in every city and for every tour. If you book more than one tour in the same city you will have the same guide (if available). 

We are so sure the guides we work with are excellent and passionate that we are certain you will love them.

Is a private tour really private?

Absolutely. If you book a tour with Spain Private Guides, you are the only client for that tour.

Are the tours in a vehicle or on foot?

How to move around depends on the city, the tour, your wishes, the budget… Some travellers prefer to walk or travel like locals on the public transport system. You might prefer a private car and driver, especially if you want to see things a little more out of the city centre. Also take into consideration that taxis are convenient and easy to get, as well as rather well priced in the main towns. 

In Spain most city centers are pedestrianised, therefore only by walking will you get to experience them. The railway system is quite good in most areas of the peninsula, so taking a train for a day trip outside of the main cities can be a great option to escape the hustle and bustle. Talk to us if you have any particular mobility restrictions and we’ll help you find what’s possible and best for you and your party. Find more information in our section When in Spain do what Spanish do.

Can we share the tour with other people?

That choice is up to you. We do not provide open small group tours. However, if you meet a couple of extra people at your conference, or on your cruise, or if your mother-in-law wants to tag along at the last minute, that’s all fine. Your tour, your group, just let us know so we provide a full service for everybody! (entrances, car sits, public transportation tickets…)

Do you offer tours in other countries?

Yes! We are also in Germany, so contact us if you are visiting Germany.

Furthermore we are proud members of Private Guides of Europe, an association of selected private guides all over Europe.

What if I need to cancel?

No matter how well organised you are, there is always the chance that something annoying may get in the way of your travel plans. We absolutely understand this, so we offer very generous cancellation terms.  

Read here our Cancellation Policy

*By booking with us you accept our Terms and Conditions.
Which is the Payment Method?

We accept wire transfers or any kind of payment method accepted through the STRIPE platform, such as credit cards. Stripe is a secure platform and you do not need to have a Stripe account to make your payment.

Can I pay on the day?

No, sorry. we need a payment to secure the booking.

Can I pay in $US?

No, sorry.  We are a European business and all our guides live and work in Europe.  Payment is accepted in euros only.  Thank you for understanding!

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