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Spain is a country that is well known for its vibrant culture, sunny beaches, and delicious cuisine. However, Spain has also a great train network. With stunning landscapes, historic cities, and comfortable trains.

Spain’s trains are the perfect way to journey throughout our country. 

During our years of experience as travellers and tailor-made itineraries experts, most people, when visiting Spain for the first time, ask us where to go to get a good idea of Spain’s different cultures and lifestyles.

We have decided to design these train itineraries. We trust that you will love them!

First and foremost, Spain’s train system is efficient and reliable. High-speed trains are modern, spacious, and comfortable. Making long journeys a breeze. Whether you are travelling from the bustling capital of Madrid to the coastal city of Barcelona or exploring the beautiful Andalusian history. You can be sure your train journey will be a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Another advantage of travelling by train in Spain is the incredible scenery. As you speed along the tracks, you will be treated to breathtaking views of Spain’s diverse landscapes. From snow-capped mountains to rolling hills and picturesque villages. Additionally,once arriving to a new town you’ll be already in the city centre and near everytging. While if you travel by plance there’s always the extra time and hussle of getting downtown!

A train trip to Spain is a fantastic way to explore this beautiful country.

From the incredible scenery and historic cities to the affordability and diverse travel options, Spain’s train network offers something for every traveler. So come with us and take advantage of our itineraries of Spain by train.

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we have 3 routes

Itineraries by train in spain
7 days:
Basic: the must-see
Barcelona – Madrid – Sevilla.

Our Basic 7 days by train route is thought for those people who do not have too much time, but they wish to visit the most famous spots of Spain.

9 days:
CIRCULAR: Sea & Land
Barcelona – Zaragoza – Madrid – Toledo – Valencia.

Our 9 days “Sea and Land” itinerary of Spain, by train: It can be tricky to combine historical cities, beach towns, culture and leisure. Not in Spain! With this itinerary you can have it all!

12 days:
Extended: North to south
Barcelona – Madrid – Toledo – Córdoba – Sevilla – Granada.

Our extended 12 days itinerary in Spain, is a complete trip that includes the most famous cities and landmarks in Spain that can be done by train.


*Please note:

Although the established starting point is Barcelona, they can be done in a reversed way. The SEA & LAND route is circular. Any place can be a starting point!

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