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“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life” -Agnes Repplier

Meet Spain Private Guides team! All our guides are not just experienced guides, they are also excellent conversationalists and master storytellers. The best to weave together the strands of people, time and place, putting together unforgettable stories from the history, culture, art and present of Spain. 

We have handpicked a team of experienced professional guides across the Spanish peninsular and its islands.

Spanish law demands a particular tour guide licence for every region. Therefore our guides are all legally qualified and have the privilege of skipping the lines in all the monuments and museums. Language skills are also proven by strict official qualifications.

On top of that, the essential ingredient you will find among all members of our team is their passion to share their home’s beauty and culture! 
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If you are planning to travel to Germany, visit us at wwwww.toursprivadosberlin.com. We believe in providing high-quality guiding services that will make a real difference to your experience of Berlin and Germany.


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