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“As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” Virginia Woolf
We think Spain’s diversity is its greatest asset

To celebrate Spain’s diversity, we design each itinerary as thorough as possible, to make your experience unforgettable. We strongly believe travelling requires responsibility. Therefore we support local communities, we promote eating in local restaurants, buying in small family shops or use public transportation systems. We will show you the highlights together with the unexpected surprises. Including the little spots that don’t make the brochures.

Spain’s population is concentrated in the main cities, mostly in Madrid and Barcelona. Half the country is rather empty and quiet and for that the more interesting. Every city, village, mountain, monument or corner of Spain you visit is unique. Therefore they demand bespoke experience. We will help you make it possible. With over a decade of experience in guiding, both in Germany and Spain, we are experts in putting together custom itineraries for all kinds of travellers. 

At Spain Private Guides we make sure you are accompanied by the best possible ambassadors.

We only work with expert guides, with years of experience and knowledge. As a result, our collaborators enjoy conversation, exchange ideas, and adapt to each group rather than regurgitating scripts! Our aim is that your guide and your tour will help you feel “at home” in Spain.

Because a tour is more than sites, names, and dates.

It is about the stories of a city, the flavours, sounds, smells, and the people whose actions breathe this into life. It is a conversation about a place and its ideas, an opportunity to share the lived experience of the modern culture framed and explained by learning about its history.

Travel for its own sake is a fairly recent development. Before the middle of the last century, few people travelled outside their home towns. Travelling to the next town was a great adventure! Visiting another country was for the impossibly wealthy and/or eccentric. Now and especially post-Covid we aim to step back from what the travel and tourism industry has become. There are more people travelling and more choices are available. At  Spain Private Guides we believe in slow tourism, in tasting the real life of a place by supporting local business and rushing less but feeling more. Slowly, with an experienced and passionate guide, we want to bring you into the vast diversity and cultural wealth of Spain.

 just like a local! 

Finally, we want to encourage a kind of tourism that respects all that this spectacular environment has to offer. A kind of tourism that helps the local economy to flourish, ensuring Spain will be enjoyed by many future generations — locals and travellers. We promote carefully curated tours to feature local gems that other tours either drive past or don’t get anywhere near. Since we hope that our customers experience a sense of the community and see how their visit also benefits locally owned businesses and people.

We want to offer an opportunity to enjoy the natural rhythm of the place itself like locals do!


Spain Private Guides TEAM

dolça lafarque profile picture

Dolça Lafarque

Co-founder of Spain Private Guides. Culture and art enthusiast.

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Co-founder of Spain Private Guides. Relentless traveller in love with Spain.

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the best guides

Every tour, every region, every experience demands a specialist. Therefore at Spain Private Guides we only work with hand-picked guides. From throughout the country, excellent professionals, offer the best tailor-made tours.

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our story

Spain Private Guides was born in the Summer of 2020 as Pamela and Dolça got to know each other via virtual meetings and phone calls during the pandemic.

Our paths crossed as we are both lucky to be part of an exclusive association of private guides, spread across Europe. Assembled to build and strengthen a network of like-minded individuals during this unpredictable time for the travel industry.

Private Guides of Europe

We found we share common ground in our understanding of business and deep love and passion for guiding. In addition to being ambassadors for our culture and countries. Finally, above anything else, our willingness to channel knowledge and experience into an exclusive personalised service.

Pamela travels frequently to Spain with groups or for pleasure. Dolça has ants in her pants and when she is not working she travels around the world and especially through Spain.

In other words, we know Spain!
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