Montserrat & Penedès wine region

One day offers numerous options to explore. Outside the city, nature’s breathtaking landscapes connect us with the most incredible feelings. Montserrat and Penedés could never disappoint you!


Montserrat sacred mountain excursion

Interested in a sacred mountain with a thousand-year-old monastery? Or spectacular rock formations and outstanding views? Montserrat is THE place.

The monastery of Montserrat, a central hub for any visit to this magical mountain, is the starting point for this unforgettable experience. Montserrat means “the serrated mountain”. This mountain range has attracted humans for as long as we know. The prehistoric remains found in caves by the 1000-year-old monastery vouch for it. The mountain is huge and you can even stay at the hotel by the monastery if you really want to feel its mystical touch for more than one day.

Another world-famous attraction is La Escolania which refers to both the white voices boy’s choir and the boarding school where the boys live from Sunday to Friday. They sing during the noon prayer every day except Saturday and holidays. Songs are dedicated to Mary and the Virgin Mary of Montserrat who is endearingly referred to as  “la Moreneta” which means the “little tanned one”, a reference to her dark coloured skin.

If you are an athletic kind of person you should also take the opportunity to hike a little, to breathe in the cleanest Catalonian air and enjoy the spectacular views!


Penedès wine experience

Cava is the sparkling wine from Catalonia and Penedés is a region where it is widely produced.  You must taste it at its original place of production. It just tastes better!

There are so many wineries to choose from. The big ones allow you to sense the size of the business we are talking about and to learn the most industrial form of the winemaking process, without losing the perspective of the family business foundation. The small ones give you a more personal touch and the chance to explore different styles. There are Ecological wineries, winery tours in combination with food tasting or even the opportunity to walk through the vineyards. Apart from the learning of the cava making process, what truly completes the experience is the taste of different varieties with the guidance of an expert.

Wine tasting is also an excellent idea to experience almost any part of Spain and we can provide this service almost everywhere in the country!


More ideas in the area…

Visit Manresa, where Ignacio de Loyola got illuminated and founded the Jesuit order afterwards -the cave can be visited, as well as the cathedral and a stroll in the city.

Visit Vilafranca del Penedès, capital of the Cava making in Catalonia.


Montserrat and a winery visit in Penedès offer a day excursion altogether. A car and a private driver is necessary for this experience.

Montserrat monastery is located only 1 hour away from Barcelona by a car and private driver but for a more novel experience, you can also take the train and cable car. The tour will proceed on foot once it reaches the shrine area. Tour lasts from 4 to 6 hours.

Reaching Penedés from Barcelona or from Montserrat by car is a 1-hour ride.


Santuari de Montserrat (shrine), Basilica, rocky mountain, nature, views, Escolania boys choir.

Wine experience: exploring a vineyard, exploring a cellar, production of the cava, wine/cava tasting.


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