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the balearic islands: tailor-made

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza (or Eivissa) and Formentera are the inhabited islands of this Mediterranean archipelago, rather close to the Valencia coastline and meeting point of ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Pearls of the Mediterranean vibes of Spain, each one of the islands offers very different types of travel experience. Although summertime is the most popular time to visit the islands, the rest of the year, even in winter, is a great time to go, with many destinations quieter but still basking in mild Mediterranean weather.


Mallorca Tour: the main island

Amble through the streets of Palma de Mallorca to feel the beat of this lively and surprising architectural patchwork. 

Capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca is the perfect city to amble around! Start in the nerve centre of the city, get close to the central market and through the local products from both sea and land to enjoy the first contact with the Mediterranean culture of the island. Walking deeper into the old town and through its narrow medieval streets, through its corners and aristocratic manor courtyards, we will discover its history and curiosities; such as how the city was divided in two by the water or who were the “xuetes”.  

The most emblematic monuments can also be reached with a gentle stroll: La Almudaina or the outstanding cathedral, which is one of the few in the world that was built next to the sea. While strolling the town there will be many opportunities to stop at a local craft shop to taste some of the island’s specialities like “la ensaimada” or “el gató”. 


the ultimate experience in menorca

Biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 1993.  Menorca offers so many possibilities from hikes, horse rides, bike rides, wild bays to historical sites! All combined in this small Mediterranean island.  

While you are in Menorca, in just a half-hour car ride you can cross from east, Maó, to west, Ciutadella, of the island. Both cities are historical sites and deserve to be walked through and a guided tour opens the secrets of their corners, walls and magnificent natural harbours. Menorca can only be lived slowly, it demands walking, hiking, riding a horse or a bike. The ultimate experience in Menorca should involve nature and the calm enjoyment and immersion in it whether in a sailboat or in a nice stroll. Northeast of the island is the location of the National park of S’Albufera des Grau, by land or by boat its wilderness is breathtaking. We will arrange all the details for you with any kind of adventure you want to undertake in this gorgeous Mediterranean beauty.


Ibiza Food safari, beyond the party island

Food safari to fill your mind and stomach in the main town. Eivissa is more than party and night time, let us show you!

This cultural experience is designed to enjoy the best of Ibiza town history savouring the centuries-old legacy of local food culture. Focusing on a real sense of place to feel our lifestyle for those who enjoy visiting food markets, walking old quarters, entering small artisan shops, sampling local dishes and wines and sitting in an outdoor café discussing our culture and history. Discover the best historical sites like La Marina quarter or Dalt Vila and an exclusive selection of original products and drinks from Eivissa like the legendary “Sobrasada”, the famous “Frita de Pop” and much much more! Accompanied by local wines and a shot of Hierbas, a truly delicious spirit drink from the island!


Formentera day tour, the island of the light

Discover the European Caribbean with an e-bike and an experienced licensed tour guide

This is a sustainable experience that will help you to discover some of the off the beaten tracks of Formentera. You’ll see the most amazing sights the island has to offer, from the comfort of the latest electric bikes. Formentera is the ultimate experience right in the heart of turquoise waters. Starting at La Savina, Formentera harbour, the beauty of this small island will most likely fascinate you from the first sight! The most beautiful spots, villages and beaches of the south and the centre of the island. Or historical sites like Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran, Ses Illetes, Cala Saona. Dreamy views from the lighthouse are not to be missed!


Palma de Mallorca is a 4 hour walking tour as most of the area is pedestrianised but occasionally a taxi or a minivan can be provided if it is requested. Day excursions usually demand a car and driver. Few occasions public transportation can be used.

Menorca: For nature experiences from 6 to 8 hours. A walking tour in Ciutadella or in Maó last around 2 hours

Ibiza: 3h30 walking tour to discover the main city of the island.

Formentera: This is an 8 hour e-bike tour. Full day experience that can also be done in 2 half days if travellers spend one night on the island.


Palma de Mallorca: La Almudaina, Cathedral of Mallorca, old town, local market, taste of local specialities, medieval alleyways, aristocrats manors.

Menorca: Ciutadella, Maó, s’Albufera des Grau, Alaior. Hikes and stroll following amazing seaview tracks. Crystal-clear waters bays and beaches.

Ibiza: local markets – local small bars & shops – tasting of a selection of original products and drinks from Ibiza – La Marina quarter – “Portal de Ses Taules”, “Dalt Vila” -old town-, Santa Llucia bastion, Sa Portella door, the Cathedral square and Sant Jaume view point, Renaissance walls.

Formentera: Ferry trip from Ibiza, “Estany del Peix” (the fish pond), “Molins de Sa Miranda” (windmills), “Punta Rasa” and Cala Saona beach, Barbaria lighthouse, Garroveret XVIII century defense tower, Sant Francesc Xavier and the fortified church , “Estany Pudent” (the stinky pond), Ca Na Costa Megalithic monument, Salt Lakes, Sant Ferran village, Es Pujols village, Illetes beach.


Mallorca: The main island offers a great variety of day excursions to enjoy rural countryside views, natural escapes or cultural visits, this is just a taste:

For art lovers, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca. Nature lovers, Serra de Tramuntana (Unesco’s World Heritage Site) the range of mountains north of the island protecting Mallorca from the strong north wind called tramuntana. Hike to the top or just enjoy a stroll through one of its picturesque mountain villages; visit  a family winery where you can discover the local production process first hand, but of course you ought to taste their wines too!  Rural life lovers, visiting an old “Posesió” (old family property) to travel back in time to relive what Mallorca was like in the 19th century, before the arrival of tourism.

Menorca: Walking tour in Ciutadella with a sunset visit to Punta Nati lighthouse. Maó to Favàrtix lighthouse by boat

Formentera and Ibiza: Sunset walks and wine tasting. Llaüt sailing to Es Palmador.