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All of the suggestions listed on our destination page are exactly that – suggestions. One of the best things about booking a private tour with Spain Private Guides is that everything is customized to fit your interests. Of course, all our tours are different, and naturally, our prices vary as well, depending upon what is required. 

To design a tour or a multiple-day itinerary for our travellers we need some key information. For example, your preferences, your timeframe, and any other detail that you consider might be important for us to take into consideration. We’ll go over your request and craft something fabulous that fits your needs. Then we will send you a confirmation email with everything you need to know. Contact us!

Type of tours and excursions
Visiting Historical Centers >> our private walking tours in Spain

Most historical centres throughout Spain are pedestrian areas. Therefore the only option to visit most city centres is with a walking tour.  If your hotel is far away from the historical centre, our guide can pick you up at the hotel and from there either take public transit or a taxi.  To visit the historical centre of most cities you will need a 3 to a 4-hour walking tour, and if you wish to walk slowly, have a coffee break and take lots of photos, we will be happy to add an extra hour. 

Spain Private Day Excursions

It is easier and more comfortable for many travellers to stay in the main cities and from there taking day excursions to discover the nearby towns and places. So in Spain Private Guides, we have designed several private day excursions from the different main cities of Spain. No matter where you are staying, you can take a day trip to experience a gourmet adventure, discover a hidden treasure or enjoy the fabulous Spanish coastline with one of our local guides.  For some of these day excursions, we would organize for you a private car and a driver, besides your private local guide. For other excursions, there is the possibility to choose between a private vehicle with a driver or taking advantage of the great train system of Spain. Please ask us, since in many cases taking the train can save you a couple of hours. 

Visiting Museums and historical sites in Spain

Spain offers a great variety of museums and historical sights, no matter which area of the Iberian Peninsula you plan to visit. From world-famous historical sights like the Alhambra to hidden jewels like the Leyre Monastery, in Spain Private Guides we are ready to help you visit them with the best local guides. 

For most world-famous historical sights it is important to book your tour in advance since there are limited daily tickets and often with very strict time slots. Usually, the best times to visit the historical sights are very early in the morning or late afternoon. 

Some of the most famous historical sights are:

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, The Alhambra in Granada, Mezquita-Catedral of Córdoba, Royal Palace of Olite in Navarra, The Royal Alcázar and the Cathedral in Sevilla, The Cathedral in Toledo, EL Escorial near Madrid, and many more.

When it comes to Museums, Spain is the motherland to some of the greatest painters of all times. It is impossible to visit everything, so depending on your interests we would love to help you choose which ones to visit.  Visiting a museum with us is usually part of a city experience with a theme. For instance, in our tour of Picasso’s Love affair with Barcelona, we discover the relationship of the artist with the city, before going into his museum. Therefore, this is a 4-hour tour.  On the other hand, some people are only looking for a guided visit inside a specific museum. This is also possible, and it is an excellent way to visit the most important art pieces with the explanations of our expert guides. This kind of Museum tour has a duration of about 2-hours depending on the museum

some tips when booking a Museum tour with us:
    • Consider extra time after the tour to wander through the museum on your own.
    • The best time for a museum tour is in the late afternoon. Most Museums are opened until 8 PM or even later during summertime. 
    • Museum tours are very easy to combine with other experiences, from a Gourmet experience in the evening or a city tour in the morning. 
Private multi-days Itinerary of Spain

At Spain Private Guides we do much more than providing guides for adventurous travellers. We provide a range of extra services to make your entire trip hassle-free and smooth. One of these services is to design multiple-day tailor-made itineraries. What should be understood by multiple-day tailor-made itinerary is when we design for our travellers an itinerary of more than 5 days, including night stays in different cities, hotel recommendations, tours and experiences, restaurant recommendations, and transportation, no matter if it is with the public system or with private vehicles.

Visiting a Winery

Spain is one of the biggest wine producers in the world! So there are hundreds of wineries to visit. Of course, we have our favourites, hence their high-quality wines added to something unique and special, like the history of the family business, their architecture, or even their outstanding art collection.  All these wineries have their own guides, who are experts in the place itself and the wines they produce. At Spain Private Guides, we can book for you all kinds of wine visits and tastings throughout Spain. Our local guide will bring you and your party to those wineries as part of a bigger itinerary, but once inside, he or she will not be the one giving the explanations.  


Prices depend on the tour, your wishes, and your budget. But also, prices vary throughout Spain. Some regions are more expensive than others, some tours require more time or private transportation.  Nonetheless, to give you an idea, here are some basic fees:

Our private walking tours in Spain

3-hour walking tour: from 230€

4-hour walking tour: from 285€

Extra hour: from 65€

Our Spain Private day Excursions

4-hour excursion with a local guide and private minivan for a maximum of 6 passengers: from 520€

8-hour day excursion with a local guide and private minivan for a maximum of 6 passengers: from 1130€

>> see also transfers and car services
Museums and historical sites in Spain

The minimum time to visit a museum is 2 hours, and for a historical site, is usually around 3 hours. The entrance fees vary very much, depending on the museum and historical sites, the time slots, and the ages of our travellers. Let us know what you want to visit so that we can give you more information. 

Private multi-days Itinerary of Spain

The design of such itineraries requires expertise and time.

Therefore we charge 120€ to create such an itinerary, but once you book with us, we will subtract the 120€ of the final price. 

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